Planning Solutions, Inc. (PSI) is a small business incorporated in the State of Hawai`i. Its mission is to provide high-quality environmental and land use planning services. Its emphasis is on providing sound regulatory and environmental advice and reports for technically complex, and sometimes controversial, projects in Hawai`i and the Pacific.

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PSI relies on its principals' extensive local experience and their proven ability to work with government agencies at all levels for the acquisition of discretionary permits and the resolution of potential regulatory and environmental impediments to moving projects forward. PSI provides the most appropriate team for each project by assembling local, Mainland, and international experts to work under its direction in response to specific project requirements. By keeping our company small, we retain the flexibility to team with the best talent for particular tasks without the need to support a large, in-house staff.

PSI is committed to the use of technology when it can increase quality and efficiency and/or decrease costs. We keep current and proficient with GIS, CAD, graphics, and standard business office systems as well as GPS, photographic, and chemical sensor field systems. In this way, we can work efficiently and effectively with technical experts in many fields to fulfill clients' needs.