Preparing Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements

Our staff prepares federal (National Environmental Policy Act) and state (Chapter 343, Hawai`i Revised Statutes) environmental documentation for a wide variety of projects. These projects range from small structures occupying less than an acre to large, multi-faceted industrial, research, utility, resort, and residential facilities occupying hundreds or thousands of acres.   


Preparing Land Use and Environmental Permitting Strategies

Large and technologically sophisticated or socially sensitive projects often require an array of land use approvals and environmental permits. PSI staff is experienced at identifying these requirements, evaluating alternative strategies for obtaining needed approvals, and preparing permit acquisition plans.


Conducting Site Selection Studies

PSI helps landowners, developers, utilities, and government agencies identify appropriate locations and configurations for their projects.


Preparing Land Use and Environmental Permit Applications

Our staff is conversant with federal, state, and county land use and environmental laws and regulations. It has the technical qualifications and experience to prepare and help process successful applications.


Developing Facility Plans

PSI staff members participate in and direct the preparation of conceptual master plans for various large-scale public facilities, including airports, harbor facilities, parks, and recreational facilities.  


Preparing Habitat Conservation Plans

PSI prepares Habitat Conservation Plans for species protected under Federal and State Endangered Species Acts. While preparing these plans, it works in concert with federal and state agencies to identify and develop measures that minimize and mitigate take of endangered species.


Preparing Historic Preservation Plans

PSI prepares master plans for the preservation of historic and cultural resources, develops mitigation programs, and is responsible for obtaining clearance from state and federal authorities for activities with the potential to affect historic sites.


Preparing Water Quality Evaluations and Discharge Permit Applications

Staff members evaluate existing water quality, prepare comprehensive applications for discharges of wastewater, storm water, and fill, and coordinate the preparation and processing of applicable permits at the federal, state, and county level.  


Assuring Permit Compliance

PSI helps clients track and coordinate their various permitting activities to ensure timely compliance with mandated permit conditions. This includes monitoring sensitive environmental indicators and helping to ensure that construction practices are in accord with permit conditions.

Developing and Applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Technology

PSI routinely uses GIS and CAD software (e.g. ArcGIS® and AutoCAD®) for a wide variety of spatial analysis and mapping tasks.  


Graphic Design

Members of our staff are proficient in using Adobe Photoshop®, Corel Graphics Suite®, and other graphic design programs. This in-house graphic design capability allows us to efficiently generate professional quality figures for inclusion in our documents.